About The Camp

Ministry Goals

  • To Partner with Parents and Other Churches in the Community…
  • To Assist with reaching out to young children.
  • To Provide a consistent and powerful Christian education program that reaches children at their learning levels in a variety of ways.
  • To Support you with a trained Team Leader and staff, who are dedicated to making your child/children week the best one they’ve ever had.
  • To Empower your family/congregation to use TACC as an outreach tool, not only to the children that come, but also to their families.
  • To Encourage your family/congregation to help people grow intentionally as Christian disciples: reaching out and receiving people, beginning or deepening relationships with God.
  • To Continue supporting your family/congregation in its own development of leaders for an ongoing ministry with children.
    To Have fun and Serve the Lord!

Our History

In 1989 the vision was given for a day camp, Vacation Bible School to allow children and adults to come together for a week of fun while studying God’s Word. The Camp not only served the Oak Grove church membership and community but had families attend from all over the DC Metropolitan area and young people visiting relatives for the summer.

A new vision has now been given for a 6-week camp “Tiny Acorns Christian Summer Camp”. The Oak Grove Baptist Church Evangelistic Outreach ministry desires to continue partnering with families in the community by providing a cost-effective Christian, safe, fun and family environment for their children. The camp is for ages 3-12 and our teen 13 and up volunteer.

Just like the acorn grows in its plant stages, we know that children grow up in God-ordained stages. Just as there are stages of physical, emotional, mental and social development, there are stages of faith development. From infancy to early childhood, a child’s heart is prepared to receive the truth of God’s Word just as soil must be prepared to receive a seed. In early childhood, there is a greater capacity to take in God’s Word as with the seed planted in fertile soil. In early adolescence, the seed of God’s Words seem to sprout as a child at this stage often experiences genuine conversion; and lastly throughout the teenage years there is a spiritual growth in a regenerated heart that is like the new growth than come from pruning a plant.

The age range for each of the stages of faith development is only an approximation. It is important to remember that God is never constrained by out categories. The Tiny Acorn Christian Summer camp will work with the following stages:

Preparation of the Soil (up to age 4)

Planting of the Seed (4-8 years old)

Sprouting of the Seed (9-12 years old)

Pruning the Plant (after salvation ages 10 years and up).

Your children will have the opportunity to learn Bible truths while meeting new friends in a week packed with fun.